Ernstone Qualifies 8th For Mid Ohio 120

LEXINGTON, OH- In a short and rapidly deteriorating session, Ernstone charged hard on cold tires to get a time in before the weather arrived. Having already thrown rain and fog at the team, Mid-Ohio decided to unleash a fine mist this time, slowing the track enough that the team decided to park the car early.

Under inclement conditions, I was lucky to get out early and bank a lap getting us our target of 8th place on the grid. Can’t wait to go racing!


The forecast for the race is, well, bad. It will most likely be a mixed conditions race, which will make strategy, patience and luck all play a big part.

The 2-hour race starts at 1:45 EDT. Ernstone will start and drive the first hour, before handing the car over to Morley to bring it home.

Watch all the action live at

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