Optimism Reigns Supreme Ahead of Mid-Ohio Double Header Weekend

Anyone who saw the last race at Road Atlanta knows that it didn’t quite go as planned for Road Shagger Racing (kinda like the three races before it). Actually, the first two hours did go as planned, with Ernstone finding his rhythm and fighting in a pack of cars for a spot in the top 5. Unfortunately the plan went astray shortly after the team’s second perfect pit stop.

Morley had just climbed aboard and was heading up the hill to turn 3. He stayed left of center out of pit lane, so naturally he checked his right mirror twice to see if anyone was looking to make a move on the inside of turn 3, which would have been a completely reasonable and legitimate place to make try to pass a car that had just come out of the pits.

Unfortunately, he failed to check the minuscule sliver of pavement to his left. As Morley braked for turn 3, a silver lawn dart came flying through on the tarmac tightrope and clattered into his left side. The impact broke the tie-rod on his left front corner, which sent him careening towards the inside wall. Morley did what he could to save it, but unfortunately smacked the wall with both right side corners, damaging the car and ending his race.

Once it was clear that his race was over – with two hours still remaining – Morley jumped out of the car and let the GS driver know exactly what he thought of his aggressive and completely unnecessary move.


The team is really looking forward to Mid-Ohio, because they had a great run there last year. Ernstone had one of his better qualifying runs and ran strong in the race before handing the car over to Morley.

It was a mixed conditions race and Morley had a blast racing from 7th up to 2nd. He had so much fun doing it, he didn’t even mind when he had to do it again after serving a drive-through penalty for SOMEBODY speeding in pit lane. Morley did battle back to 2nd by the checkered flag and the team was able to celebrate its first professional podium!

Another reason RSR is optimistic about this weekend, is all the extra track time Ernstone will have to get dialed in. Ernstone methodically works his way up to speed every race weekend and the condensed schedules this year have made things challenging on him. Without writing off the first race, Ernstone is extremely excited to see where he shakes out in race two.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, the crew has been nailing their pit stops and its only a matter of time until they hit pay dirt.

We hope you’ll watch the action unfold on NBC’s TrackPass!

Mid Ohio, OH

-How to watch-

Friday, September 25th

10:45 AM ET – Practice #1

2:50 PM ET – Practice #2

Saturday, September 26th

8:00 AM ET – Qualifying

1:00 PM ET – Race #1

6:50 PM ET – Qualifying #2

Sunday, September 27th

10:30 AM ET – Race #2

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