Tough Break At Daytona

DAYTONA, FL – It was a tale of what might have been when the checkered flag fell on the first race of the 2019 Michelin Pilot Challenge.

The RSR machine had already been parked for an hour at that point, after the gremlins that had plagued the car all race final proved too significant to continue.

In the early running, Ernstone drove an inspired race with an ailing machine, doggedly keeping the car on the lead lap as the team tried to diagnose the issue. At one point they thought they had the issue fixed and Ernstone raced into the lead. The joy was short lived however, as the issue soon re-appeared and put the car off-pace once again.

Once Morley got in at halfway, the issue got progressively worse and the car became too slow to safely continue. This meant that race one of the season would end in the garage, with a 10th place finish out of 14 cars.

While this is obviously not what the team was hoping for, they were encouraged by their competitiveness, even with the less than ideal hand they were dealt.

Next up is Sebring on March 15th.

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